Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Coconut

It lay between the sea and dry land, as if caught in a dilemma of going ashore (for good) or back to drifting on the currents of the open sea, which ironically, had the coconut drifted on perhaps, a journey more than a thousand miles from its home soil when it was torn apart from its bond to the tree that had been its family.

For a span of time which the coconut may have lost count, it lives on the very will of Allah s.w.t.: fight the frightening tall waves of sea storms, sleep through the dull dead calm of an open sea, grapple against the invasion of microbes and gargantuan sea creatures as they try to penetrate through the husk onto the kernel and inside of it - it survived, enduring the harshest of condition that it was meant to live through.

But now, it seem lost and at wit's end. Caught between the pull of two desires. One, to lay itself on the soft ground of the shore and grow to be tall and proud. Or, to return to the sea that had made it into a small legend. A hardy being. One, that had stood the test of time.

In all probability, it would return to the sea for a short spell while it search for a more conducive place to lay its roots. Literally. As it does, it will tell its future generations of the tales it had been harrowed upon; the memory of how it survived, shall be passed down via the very genes of its offspring - a tough, resilient coconut.

The same, sadly, cannot be said of my PC. Barely.

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  1. Salam...

    l suka minum air kelapa yang tidak terlalu muda and tidak juga terlalu tua...sedappp...


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  3. Shah, some spelling mistake. repost.

    The coconut palm is the most versatile plant on planet earth. If you are stranded on an island with just one coconut palm you would survived and with some ingenuity would live a comfortable life. Because the plant is so versatile the Indonesian use it as a symbol for it Scout Movement the Pramuka. How smart the Indonesian is. We should emulate them and take one step further by declaring the coconut as our national plant.

    Have a nice day.

  4. W'salam Cello,

    Air kelapa ni - baik muda atau tua - ada neutralising effect. Ia, boleh mematikan ubat yang kita makan. Dalam masa sama, ia dapat mematikan racun yang kita termakan. It also helps to clean the body.

  5. Salam Pak Idrus,

    True, what you wrote - both about the coconut, and the Indonesians. Sad part is, in our country's chase for development, we lose sight of our inheritance. The Indons and the Thais on the other hand, still cling to theirs.

  6. this reminds me very much of Tom hanks in Castaway. when you're away for long, friendship/relationship drifts apart, and eventually forgotten. sorry ye ol' coconut. the young ones taste sweeter, and certainly refreshing.

  7. Salam kerpie,

    Hmm...I never did get to see the movie. But one need not be a castaway on an island to suffer such fate, believe me. While young coconuts taste sweeter, they lack the salt, if you get my drift :)