Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Cello Hums Again

Just how does one describe the sound of a cello? A hum? Honestly, I do not know. What I do know though, is that I love the sound reverberating from one, having seen it played countless times on the TV series 'Air-Wolf'. Never once did I thought I could listen to it's deep soulful hum played in front of me. Well, actually, even that is not right as I normally have to hide behind a wall.

The picture on the left is a sketch by aN_archi, a friend of Cikgu Nazir, and a multi-talented teacher who will be retiring in less than 3 months now. When he uploaded the picture as an entry several nights back, it reminded me of Syairah Hanin, a young pianist and cellist, who is now studying - of all subjects - Mathematics, in Berkeley, California.

When I first learnt of the subject she was pursuing, my mind immediately recalled 'Numbers', a TV series using Mathematic equation to solve a crime. "So, you're going to join the series after graduation?" I asked her sometime last year.
"Yeah! Why not? Or perhaps, make my own", she replied.
Quite a sassy young lady she is, perhaps following the lead of her eldest sister, Syairah Hanis, who is a young architect with a firm called Stern Architects, Inc.

Sometime last week, Syairah Hanin came back for the summer holidays. A few days after that, I thought I heard her cello hummed again, but was disappointed that the sound came from a radio of her neighbour. Seriously, she would never play the cello with me around for some reasons. But once in a while, I managed to steal into the house without her realising it, and listen to her cello being played from behind a wall. I just hope that I would be able to catch her again before she goes back for her studies.

That's her up there with her cellom. On the right is her cousin, Nursara, who is quite attached to her. Can't remember the occasion the picture was taken, but it was sometime last year, just before she went off for her studies. And the reason for this entry is the likeness between the sketch by aN_archi, and the picture above. Off course, except that Nursara is lively girl and not a cat as in the sketch.


  1. salam shah,
    siapa cikgu cello syairah hanin dulu? teori muzik amat berkait rapat dengan matematik. malahan guru harmoni saya dulu major dalam matematik juga.
    semoga berjaya dalam apa bidang pun syairah!

  2. W'salam E,

    Alamak! Den tak tahu lak nama Cikgu cello Hanin tu. Yang den tahu, dia mula main cello samada di Yayasan Halim Saad yang kat Melaka, ataupun kolej berdekatan Lembah Beringin.

    Oh! Teori muzik dan matematik berkait rapat ek? Hmm...padan le den tak lopeh teori :)

  3. Waahh Cakapaje, its real nice of you to put up my print here. I feel honoured. You have a bunch of talented and smart people in your family. Hebat-hebat semua la kata orang.

  4. Salamm...

    Sketch tu not bad...

    and mesti besh sound bila dia main Cello tu kan?? old is she...if u don't mind telling...

  5. Salam aN_archi,

    Sir, the honour is all mine, sincerely.

    Eh! Biasa je my family dan tiada hebat. Jika hebat, maka sama hebat dengan family semua orang.

  6. W'salam Cello,

    Not bad? I think the sketch is good! Dan ada banyak lagi kat blog aN_archi, gi tengok le.

    Umur Hanin belum 19 lagi kut. Tak dapek le den judge bes atau tidak mainan dia kerana, she's the only live cellist I know. But since she is my niece, yes, I like her playing :)

  7. Salam CA,

    I dah komen pjg berjela minggu lepas,ilang pulak arini ya?by d way hanim ni bukan saja cantik tapi berbakat....

  8. W'salam rs,

    Lor...camna leh jadi camtu. Tapikan, keduanya, google dan yahoo cam ada masalah kebelakangan ni.

    I dah sampaikan komen rs kat Hanin, dan dia tersenyum kata terima kasih.