Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 Babes and a Baby

Many years ago when the picture '3 Men and a Baby' was released, I waited eagerly to catch on the cinemas in Malaysia. Always a fan of a good comedy, what I wanted to see most wast Tom Selleck in a role which I had never seen before. However, as fate would have it, I never did get to watch it to this date. Don't know why, but when they came out with a sequel to it, it sort of turned me off. In fact, all movies with sequels, with exception for science fictions, always turns me off. Not to fret though, because in a way now, I have managed to relived the movie with some twist or two. For one, instead of 3 men, we had 4 babes! And as for the baby, well, I guess even an over-grown one will have to do.

This past Raya was a very quiet celebration for Emak and I. What, with almost the entire street empty with the Muslims off to their kampungs and the non-Muslims vacationing somewhere, Emak and I almost slept throughout the first week of Syawal. And while this Raya was quieter than then yesteryears, it also turned out to be something very much different.

Normally, we would drive south to Emak's hometown in Melaka Pindah, Alor Gajah, even if it be on the 3rd day or so, especially since her father and elder brother are not around anymore. But this year, Emak, Makcik Yam, and Maklang (Emak's youngest and eldest sister), planned a trip to Alor Setar where another of their sister, Mak Ngah, awaits. And there we were by late Sunday afternoon of 27 September.

At this juncture, I would like to apologise to all my friends for not being online. Fact is, the connection of late, really sucks. In fact, my mood to write even this entry has dissipated as I was cut off whilst writing that last paragraph above. So, I'll just end my entry here with a belated Eid Mubarak wish to all. And please do visit Painting Pictures here for pictures of the above, as well as Cakap Gambar later.

ps. Do give a thought to the people in the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, the Phillippines, and Cambodia, for the recent catastrophy they suffered. Al-Fatihah to all the Muslims there.


  1. You have so many blogs. I just wonder around looking which one to start off. How did you manage them anyway ?
    Btw, yes the internet connection was bad lately. The line was disconnected many times. I didn't do much posting too because I got to fed up with the connection.
    Ooops, Selamat Hari Raya to you. Alos, where is the rest of your family ? Your wife and kids ??? Sounds like a quiet Hari Raya for you..
    Next time, give me a call. Maybe I can drop by for a nite and feel how Hari Raya will be like at a Muslim house..

  2. Hi Lee,

    Thank you for wishes. As for the blog, well, you can always stick to my pictures blog alone, I don't mind.

    Lee, you might not believe it, but I'm still a bachelor. Perhaps next year, I might find a sweet lass to greet Raya together with me and my mum.

    And its not that you are not welcome to spend Raya over at my place, but my mum might feel somewhat unomfortable. 77 this year, she is accustomed already to having a quiet Raya. Perhaps you could try Pak Zawi?

  3. Ho ho! I wonder if I get the 'baby' right? lol. You should still try watch the first 3 men and a baby, as I can recall from years ago, darn funny! I'm sure you'll still enjoy it!

  4. Salam Ydiana,

    Hehe, I think you got the 'baby' correct :)

  5. Whoaaa...trhu' baca ni pun dapat quite ur raya...but it's ok...

    at least u still have mom rite? ada lagi yang lebih teruk dari ni tau...

    errr...bila dah jumpa the "sweet lass" jangan lupa kenalkan ngan kitaorang semua pula...

    and confirm tidak bleh ngorat lagi lepas ni...opppsss!


  6. Salam Cello,

    Huh? Takleh ngorat lagi? Tapi...den ngorat lum dapat lagi, camno? lol!

  7. it was a quiet one for me as well. and it made it harder to bade farewell to Ramadan.

    *urban legend has it that in the movie 3 Men and a Baby, a ghostly figure of a boy was caught on footage in one of the scenes. try and google it shah, and seeif you're convinced its genuine.

  8. Salam kerpie,

    Really? I mean, the movie! Will check it out later bro, thanks :)

    ps. When are you dropping over Kampung Bharu?

  9. If you haven't checked it out, here a link. Its a hoax... ;)