Monday, February 16, 2009

Ship Shaping My Neverland

Well, now that My Neverland has begun pulling anchor, I think its time to check the charts. Hang on! Think I got it wrong there somewhere. Oops! Yup, I should have checked the charts first before pulling the anchor! Shoot! But I think that's a OK as the sails have not been casted...yet. So, while My Neverland floats like a cork in a turbulent sea - the monsoon's here now - I'll just take my time and try to spruce up the deck. And since I'm not good at visuals or decoration, do expect a havoc of a time while I am it.

I do admit feeling a wee bit of envy looking at some of those newer blogs, where the template used are nowhere to be found in blogspot. Was told, that those templates were created by those blog owners themselves. But since I am as blind as a bat in daytime as I am with anything IT, I guess I'll never be able to get My Neverland to look attractive as theirs. Still, being the spartan kind of person I am, should I be worried? Heck no! Just envy.

One thing for certain (and I should add insyAllah, but for now, it is my resolve), now that I'm slowly inching myself into the world of photography, I will add some of the beautiful shots later. And who knows, perhaps I would even be bold enough to record myself playing the pinano for my friend's entertainment. And I do mean to entertain, as it might be a comedy of errors on the keyboard, just like my spelling of the musical instrument in the previous sentence. Should I become good at it later, perhaps a producer or 2 might just want to cast me in their film, even if it be just a 2second filler. But for the present moment, and I mean now, I'm off to Hulu Tamu, taking my Emak for a dip into the hot spring there; lovely place, I tell you. Will blog about it later.


  1. alahhhh, banyak template BroShah boleh kopipes aje...and i'm sure you've many many friends ever so willing to help you in this area!

  2. kalau mau layout cunh macam i (oppss! perasan sudah...hahahaha) pegi lah cari dalam webby ni

    dalam tu...dia ada ajar step...

    Good Luck!

  3. shah, when i first set up my blog, LetsGoLand never saw any renovations and repainting done. that is ofcos, until recently when i felt the header was in dire need of a repair. decided to change it all together and now i got myself a cool new, customised rooftop...hehehe...

  4. Salam Alin,

    Banyak ek? Hmm...memba mana nak tolong den ni? OK, dah dapat sorang; cello baru bagi link. Thanks Alin :)

  5. Salam Cello,

    Padan le den terkeliur selalu bila pi melawat Cello. Hehe...jangan marah ye. Anyway, thanks. Nanti den cuba belajaq.

  6. Salam kerpie,

    Bro, my roof's OK what, no leaking leaking ;)

    Will check yours out later bro, thanks.

  7. Salam Ydiana,

    Awfully nice of you to drop by, thank you. How are you? Been quite a while since we ziarah each other eh.