Saturday, February 14, 2009



Been going crazy for sometime now. Then I realise, I need to go back to where I was. And since talkonly is no longer a private place for me to blog my personal thoughts and matter, it would then be wiser for be to get this new one up and running. Er....I mean, blogging. This, would be much preferable than talking to the walls surrounding me. Or, the standing fan. Or, looking blank at the pc screen, and seeing my reflections only. It can get scarry, you know. If you don't believe me, then take a look at that Garfield strip down there.

See what I mean?

Well, off course I am not Odie nor anywhere like him. But I do know of one or 2 friends who may be quite like, not to mention certain goons who recently, upon making news the wrong way, are very much in more ways than one, quite like that Odie fellow up there. While one may well undertand the simplicity of Odie's mind and forgive and even love him for it, one certainly cannot find an ounce of neither sympathy nor empathy for those goons mentioned.

Hmm...I do dislike having to write about these goons. They are, if one would quite remember, equivalent to my entry 'Story About Jackasses' in Talkonly. And since Talkonly has, somehow, due to reasons which is most baffling to me, been featured in 2 or 3 political blog referrers leaving me with very little chance to the privacy I very much am fond of, and off course, taking into consideration that I am, quite inexplicably, still a shy person deep inside (one would have to use a 300ft rope to reach there, provided the intestine's gastic juices does not dissolve one into amino or whatever acid first), I did or do find difficulties in putting my thoughts across. But now that this new blog is up and very few people are in the know, I'm letting those thoughts run wild. Yeeeha!

But mind you, they'd still have to wait for my fingers, where after almost a decade of not having a proper place to run the scales of those black and white ivory laid out beautifully in a straight line and lovingly placed at a height which is most easily accessed by one as clumsy as that cakapaje bloke, who, by the way, now have fingers as fat as any finger that has been sitting idle for any period period longer than a month. Man, I do wish some rich lady with the heart of gold would give me a piano to thump my fingers with. But off course, some wise arse would then say that if ever there were such a lady, my time would be better spent doing something else. To that, I cannot but sit coyly in a corner of the bedroom and feeling guilty as accused. But for heaven's sake, please don't go telling the world about it!

Now, where was I?

Oh, never mind. To my friends and regular visitors of Talkonly who do find it in their heart to visit Gila-Aje, welcome to my new blog.


  1. So you got yourself a place to hide from all the madness heh?

    You did right, growing up is not much fun really. Maybe we could see more of you here.

  2. best friend is 46, with a banglow, and a piano. and not married. interested shah?

  3. Salam Cikgu,

    Hehe....ssshhhh! Otherwise, the whole world would follow suit :) And insyAllah, I'll be here more often than not. Thanks Cikgu.

  4. Salam Accia,

    Alamak! With a bungalow and a piano to boot! Some more, still available! Hmm...(tengah tersipu sipu), layak ke den?

  5. eh senang nak ingat anniversary blog ni ek... val's day 2009 ;-)

  6. salam shah
    tahniah 46 dan rumah baru ni.

  7. yeyeye...rumah baru!

    bila buat kenduri ni?? hahahaha...

    Well...tidak kira lah dekat mana pun...Don't stop writing...and that's ok for me...


  8. Salam Alin,

    Glad you made it to My Neverland.

    ps. Ada mesej ke kena ingatkan date blog ni? ;)

  9. Wa'alaikumusalam AFRAR,

    Terima kasih. Tapikan, bukan Semangat tahun tu ye :)

  10. Salam Cello,

    Comelnya grin dia...ngee tu :)

    Kenduri? Hmm...nanti buat sama ngan bloggers meet ek. Datang tau!

  11. Wa'alaikumusalam Muha Adik ku,

    Ahlan Wahsahlan! :)