Monday, March 30, 2009

Down...But Not Our For The Count

Don't know how it hit me. Perhaps, moving around in the bushes of the forest surrounding the lake, a female mosquito or two, thought I was bringing their saviour and sucked up my precious blood. To them, its a case of life or death. To me, it was a case of lowering my blood pressure. Literally! Well, the LBP, that is, as the doctor said to me when I went to the clinic for the fever that somehow is still lingering. Now, whether its the rain that has been falling incessantly every afternoon, or the mosquito bites that got to me, I have no idea as yet. But one thing for certain, they left me in a state of 'kemaruk'.

Except for meal times, I have been sleeping the fever off the whole of last Saturday and Sunday. And during the meal times, I have been eating a whole lot more than my normal diet! Even today, I'm still feeling sleepy all day long and have been eating more than I should. Talking of which, I have, for the past 3 days, been craving for a good 'ayam kampung', but the nearest around is in Ulu Subang Jaya, which the restaurant in my opinion serves the best 'Ayam Kampung' around. But since I am in no condition to even drive, it will have to wait till tomorrow or the day after. Well, the wait will perhaps serve to whet my appetite better when I do 'tapau' the food there. And though that may very well be, I'm afraid MB, my friend, will have to wait for another photo-shoot session before I can meet his expectations. Simple reasons being, while fidgetting around with Picassa, I accidentally deleted the entire folder containing the pictures taken using the Canon. Woe me. But, that ought not be a big problem.

The other night when I was with our bro MS - back on a short break - he was teaching me about the big picture in photography. Sheesh! And here I was, taking up a long lost interest (30 odd years long), and finding it a totally different picture than when I learnt and thought than. And the only real reason for doing so, was my frustration at not being able to take close-ups of pictures at events which I had covered, either with LKKPP or webtv8. Thus, when MB commented using 'artistic outlet', believe me, that came quite as a shocker and realisation as well, as all I wanted to do initially was take pictures especially at events. But no sooner after that, I found the interest to take pictures of the natural world, without any thought about them being 'artistic' at all. Guess, I now have to refocus my thoughts accordingly. As MS mentioned, I now have to think objetively. Points, well taken. Thank you MB and MS, for you honest opinions.

Now, as for my putting up the pictures in my blogs, it was also initially meant for the events. After covering many events without still cameras at hand, it was getting bloody frustrating. And when there was - my brother's Olympus compact camera - it was not sufficient. Then my itchy fingers put up pictures captured by the Canon, only to find I was sorely missing certain things - the skills needed! That, is a big 'Boyo!' Oh well...that's Aje for you.

Don't matter, a fighter never quits...they just get knocked out! Hehe...nah. InsyAllah, I intend to pursue this. InsyAllah, I will be better. And when I do, year from now, I can look back at these earlier pictures and laugh out loud. By the way, as it is, I am beginning to. Especially with the picture of the Toman. No, not because its well taken, but I found out that many regular visitors to the lake have never been able to even glimpse at it.

With the folder gone, I may down but certainly far from out.


  1. Salam...

    Demam ka?? and drink plain water bebanyak ehh...

    and it's better...if u can find any supplement or vitamin A, E & C good for your body for antioxidant and fight free radical...

    hahahaha...rasa macam jadi doctor pula...

    Get well soon!

  2. W'salam Cello,

    A'ah, domam. Tapi domam angau ni takleh minum air bebanyak! lol! Dok eh...den dah banyak minum ayaq 100 campur, thank you :)