Monday, March 9, 2009

Searching For My Midnight Sun

Life, is like a box of chocolate.

Whoever it was that said that, must have high sugar count in his blood. I mean, if it is true, then everyone would be overweight and living dangerously with diabetes or some kind of disease that chocolate makers would have to cut down on the sugar and cocoa, just to ensure that well, their steady supply of buyers would live long just to buy chocolates from them. If those chocolate-makers don't cut down on the sugar, soon, everyone of their buyers would be dead leaving the world empty, except for them chocolate-makers alone. Then, like it or not, they'd be force to buy from among themselves. In the end, its those undertakers who would be left standing...and rich. Provided, off course, they don't too much chocolates. So, whoever made that quote, must be a loco who do not know anything about life. Oh, it was that Hanks guy in that "something Gump" film which I did not even bother to see. Honestly, I think its just another remake, and this one was taken from "Being There" which had Peter Sellers starring in it. And no, I did not see that either too. Which I am now reminded, the second part of the opening quote did mention "You'll never what you get".

What am I rambling about? Wish I know. I mean, after nearly a week of not even wanting to come online, I guess I'm just trying to put myself back in gear. It did not help that Emak was not feeling too well with a more than slightly high on her blood pressure, which may have been caused by the goat's milk I bought and insisted she drink some of it. She was down for a couple of days but alhamdulillah, is now much better. But the same cannot be said of her son who twisted his ankle (again). That's right, that cakapaje fella had to nurse his ankle for a couple of days. Poor guy. Especially when one think about it, that less than a kilometer away, there a college full of student nurses, and he just could not get one of them over to practice on him. Life, is certainly not like a box of chocolates.

Soon as took a walk in a park nearby, hoping to get shots there. No sooner he was there, the clouds put a damper on his spirit. That, sort of got him thinking that photography is a hobby quite like angling. For one, both need good weather without which, they'd best stay home and watch a movie or something. Then, both would like to tell tales of their best outing. An angler, for instance, would say something like "You should have seen the one that got away", expanding the the tale of the fish that got away with both his hands stretched wide, where in all probability, the fish was just a minnow several centimeter long only. As for the photographer (has to be a novice like Aje), he would probably try to tell about the most beautiful Kingfisher he ever counted, yet could not snap it as he does not have the proper equipment. Sigh.

There's probably more similarities if one were to look hard enough. But there is however, one marked difference between the two. An angler, normally hates to come home empty handed, and would sometimes stop at a wet market to buy the freshest fish to show off as his catch, something which a photographer is unable to do.

Honestly, sometimes I think its best for me to get a new hobby.


  1. salam ya akhi,

    it explains why u havent been online... 'm so sorry to hear about your mum n your ankle... if u ever feelng down and frustrated... do amal Nabi Ayyub's doa, in Surah AlAnbiyya', ayat 83... insya'allah...

    i'll pray 4 u...

  2. W'salam ya Muha,

    Syukran. InsyAllah, I will. JazakAllah khair :)

  3. Salam Bro!

    Hopefully ur mom getting better now...

    Sent my regards to her...tell her...from bakal menantu...oppsss...hahahahaha

  4. W'salam Cello,

    Bakal menantu? Wow! Er...bila you nak pinang I? ;)

    Anyway, dah sampaikan salam pada bakal mentua you and she conveyed her's to you.

  5. uiks...ingat ni negara India ka? hahahaha...

  6. Hehe...bab lain leh ikut, apa salah ikut yang satu ni? ;)