Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tis The Season....Again!

Yup! The new season has started already, and several houses in the neighbourhood have put up their tents and what not. Soon, the crowd will arrive, and the music begins. And the tale of a near frightful affair for cakapaje.

I thought I had landed myself in deep shit. No kidding! It all began when the family of an elderly lady called and said that a ring has been bought for me. I however, did not give it much thought till about 2 weeks later, when the family came for a 2night stay. Living in Alor Setaq, the family's visit was actually to welcome home the elderly lady from Haj. Then it hit me like "Oh oh! This is something serious!".

Anyway, when the family arrived, I was not in, coming back only late at night. When I walked into the house, the elderly lady and the family was about to retire for the night but delayed it on my accounts. And soon, we were happily talking away. That is, until I was shown the ring.
Nothing special, they said, as it was a token of affection. It does not matter to me actually, as I was never a 'ring' kind of guy. And just about then, the parents told me about her, their daughter.

She, the parents said, can be quite an animal (not literally, mind you), and do not take easily to strangers. I just kept on smiling but my mind went like "oh oh! Where are we going from here?"
As though they read my mind, the elderly lady put it to me softly.

It seems, the parents will have to be away for a short spell and would like me to look after their daughter. In my mind, I yelled immediately "A Tigress Snare!". I mean, one don't just place their daughter under someone's care unless its for...marriage? But off course, being the polite host, I just smiled and nodded. I then asked to see the daughter, in line with custom of the society. Unfortunately, the daughter was already asleep in the bedroom upstairs. Thus, I reluctantly agreed to wait till morning.

Early next morning, the moment I had anxiously waited for arrived. Even before she was brought down, I had already smelt her smelling like roses. Well, like shampoo and soap mixed together actually. But then, with a lady, one is not supposed to say that, should one?

Anyway, soon, there we were, face to face. Initially, she was rather shy and kept turning away from me. But after some sweet words, she took to me like, well, a tigress! "Don't take kindly to strangers, huh?" my mind went as I recall the parents words. And like a tigress, she soon helped herself, marking me her scent onto me with her drool! I was, like almost wet at the shoulders! Like any man with a conscience, my heart soon melt and I gave in to her.
Cute little things, isn't she? And on the right of the picture below, is the elderly - my Emak's younger sister.

The ring, it seems, does not fit.


  1. awwwwwwwwh, she's such a heart-breaker!!!

    lerrr...ingatkan minah Aloq Staq yang 'itu'! ;-D

  2. Salam shah,
    hope my best friend Soo will be here to leave a comment.

    Chomelnyaa baby tu!

  3. Salam Alin,

    Oh! Minah tu mai dari Aloq Setaq ek?

    And yes, the babe is a real heart-breaker :)

  4. W'salam E,

    Your best friend Soo? Ahem (dah tersipu sipu).

    Comelkan, baby yang pakai baju merah tu ;)

  5. I can find a good home for the ring.

  6. Salam MB,, a ring man? Or, do you have something else in mind?

  7. Salam CA,

    Sajerlah tu bikin den saspen!he he he..
    Den baru nak pi tompah baju nak gi wedding CA tau!Bilo ni?naak den carik an calon ko?

  8. W'salam rs,

    Sssshhhhh....nanti den tersipu sipu lagi ;)

  9. Salam Shah..

    Aha! The ring? ehem...ehem... am I missing anything here?

    The baby girl is so sweet... she steals my heart... and you look just fine with her... serasi gitu...

    take care bro.

  10. W'salam Raden,

    Hehehe...takdaklah. Den saja ja buek cerito bonau ;)

    And yes, alhamdulillah, the baby is sweet.

  11. Yups...the baby is so sweet lahh...

    Ok lah tu...nampak cam daddy and her daughter...


  12. Cello, yang mana cute, yamg baju mendokong atau didokong :)