Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Walk In The Park

I promised myself not to touch on political matter in this blog, and as best I can, I will live up to it. However, certain things need to be mentioned, but mentioned as a passing statement only.

Hidden in a corner of Kota Damansara, lies a park that may grow into a gem of a large garden, but only if the authorities concerned look well after it, and not let themselves be distracted with any financial gain this parcel of land may be offered for in the future. Though named 'Taman Rimba (something)', the 'rimba' part is slowly fading away already.

Surrounded by hills filled with natural flora and fauna (it was until mid 2007, a forest reserve), its beauty is now being marred with bungalow lots, of which some are of extravagant size. The job of contructing several of these bungalows within the area, has caused some damages already to the stream that flows down one of the hills and into a small lake.

Perhaps once pristine clear, the lake, was once a stopover for migratory birds which include, I was told, a stock of pink-coloured heron. Ever since clearing of the area began some years back, the herons have stopped coming. A sad affair, as it could mean that whatever bio diversity the birds brought along with them in their journey to escape the harsh winter of their origin, has now been put to a stop. The water in the lake is muddy brown and even have hints of rusty-red colour in it, a probable sign of metal poisoning. And this, in an area that was once designated as one of the few remaining water-catchment areas in Selangor, as I was informed by several people there.

Stepping into the park for the very first time, I naturally felt excited for the possibilities of shots to experiment with and gain some experience. But the park, being young, offers little chance for it. Or perhaps, I need much to learn. Apart from a small playground in a corner of the park, the only other sights that really catches the eye the brownish water of the stream, and a bungalow on the top of the small hill of the park itself. From there however, the view must be astounding.

Walking rather aimlessly in search of angles for my shots, I came to realise that except for the occasional shouts and cry of a child (perhaps in the playground), I was about the only human around. And apart from some beautifully coloured birds and swifts, the whole park is empty.

The moment when solitude sank in, had me thinking: Are parks not meant to provide a break from routine life for people and hence, increase their quality of life? Perhaps though, it was the timing of my venture. Later on the way out, I spoke to the security personnel, and was told that the park is normally visited in the late afternoon. If so, then there is still a future for life here.

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  1. salam ya akhi,

    it sounds wonderful... if there is a chance, do brng me there ya... ;P

  2. salam...moeha jom kita gi sama2...and bro talk jadi tour guide..ahaha

  3. Hey, this is your blog. You can write anything you want to in it: political or otherwise.

    But I agree with you; another me-too political blog would be passe.

  4. W'salam ya Muha,

    InsyAllah, I will :)

  5. W'salam arsaili,

    Hehe...apa salahnya kalau sahabat berdua ku sudi bertandang ke kawasan ini. InsyAllah, akan saya luangkan masa :)

  6. Salam MB,

    Yo bro, it is a promise to myself :)

  7. Isk...Apa kelassss Park as for break routine...

    Better go for Happy Hour...at the nearest club...

    those people lah not me...


  8. Salam Cello,

    Happy hour? Ni kat park pun happy gak :)