Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feeling Like A Fool

I'm beginning to feel like the village fool, I am. Not for any reason, but it suddenly dawned on me that its a rather stupid thing to be putting up the pictures I've been taking. Its like, I'm the only one who knows how to take a pretty picture or two. That, and the fact that its as though cameras are a real novelty when almost any Tom would have one. Some, even have two! And that does not include those expensive accessories they tot around with them, making Aje look like a bigger fool. But sigh...if I can't be Someone's fool (that is with a capital 'S', mind you), than at least I can be the camera's. And when you think about those fools who were fooling around with the people's money somewhere in Shah Alam, I'm not so bad after all.

I read somewhere but can't be sure where (now I'm not only a fool, but senile as well!), one of the Chief Executive Officers of a water supply company earns something like RM400,000 plus per month. I mean, that's like wow!

Had not the PR Selangor State Government's initiative to bring back the water supply under its control, the people could have been fooled further as there were plans (prior to March 2008) to increase the water tariff in the state, citing rising expenditure cost. Huh? OK, perhaps the CEO and the management team is asking for more perks which by the way, the monthly pay quoted above is not inclusive of any (perks). Its good that PR won. Otherwise, the CEO and his company, instead of providing service to the people of Selangor, were leeching them dry. Literally! Hmm...talking about leeching.

2 days ago, I went for a traditional medicine treatment in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The treatment, quite similar to leeching (for medical purposes), and can be found within the annals of Islamic history. In trying to find a hadith for this, I instead found this blog here which some may find useful for them. This one and only entry in the blog, is dated May 2008, and it may be wiser for one to call the number there if one is interested.

Anyway, in wanting to rid of a childhood problem that has persisted, I was recommended to this 'AKUBEKAM' here. Nice set-up they have there, but I think I may need to go to another of their centre as I am not too comfortable with one of their consultants.

Now, I have had 2 'bekam' (blood letting or cupping) treatments before. One, was by a Chinese medicine man in Malacca but who has since migrated to Germany. The other, was by an elderly Malay gentleman in Ampang who was reputed to have been a Jungle Scout for our Army Commando units. And now with this latest, I found out that each have their own techniques as well as apparatus to treat patients. The recent treatment, despite the consultant mentioned, was far more pleasant than the previous two. And though I am feeling much better now, it was not so soon after the treatment.

After having drained a fair amount of blood from my body, I found myself woozy and soon as I got back home, took a nap. But upon waking up, I suddenly found I had a ravishing appetite that had me consuming more than double than my daily diet. Now that, is another thing which may prevent me from going for a follow-up treatment, as close friends may testify, for my physique, I really do not eat much at all! Unless, off course, the food is too good to be left alone by itself. But I guess, that pretty much is the same for almost everyone.

Back to the 'bekam', I am, trying my level best, to convince my Emak to follow suit to treat her rashes as well as her high blood pressure which of late, seem to affect her more often than before. Think I may have succeeded as she has agreed to go sometime next week. But knowing her, she may just pull out at the last minute. Sigh.

Lastly, as befitting the title of this entry, I do hope the song below bring smiles to listeners. Which reminds me, I do find the need to visit Pok Ku, and to listen to his collection of Eva Cassidy, a recording artiste I have been fortunate to listen to with courtesy of Pok Ku himself, off course.


  1. BEKAM??? blood keluar dari benda macam kaca...and selalu dekat belakang kan??

    untuk apa ehh?? x bahaya ehh?? x sakit???

    sorry...budak darjah 1 macam i...x paham benda - benda mcm ni...eheks!

  2. Cello,

    Hehe, tak bahaya dan memang tak sakit. Dan yang keluar bukan benda atau kaca, tapi darah beku atau sebegitu, termasuklah kotoran.